Your Go-To Emergency Dentists in Puyallup, WA: Dr. Jenkins & Dr. Zander

Our experienced dentists, Dr. Jenkins and Dr. Zander, take emergencies seriously and see patients in need of urgent dental care the same day they call. At Ascend dental, we never want patients to have to deal with excruciating tooth pain or another dental problem for an extended period of time. We can get you in to see us right away and help you get the relief you deserve.


Common Types of Dental Emergencies

    • Broken Tooth Restoration

If your tooth restoration (filling, crown, bridge, or denture) breaks, please visit our office right away so we can preserve the restoration.

    • Chronic Toothache

If you have a persistent or throbbing toothache, we recommend icing the area of your cheek closest to the tooth and call our office for an emergency visit.

    • Cracked or Chipped Tooth

If your tooth breaks, try to collect as many pieces as possible and bring them with you to your emergency appointment.

    • Knocked-Out Tooth

If your permanent tooth is knocked out, put it back into the socket and bite down gently on a piece of gauze to keep it in place. If you can’t put it back, transport it to our office in a cup of milk.


Is Emergency Dentistry Covered by Insurance?

It depends on your insurance plan. If you’re unsure about your emergency coverage, you can call our office and our financial coordinator can look into it for you. If you aren’t covered, don’t fret. We offer and accept a variety of payment methods to help ease the burden of your emergency visit on your wallet.

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Tooth Extraction in Puyallup, WA

Sometimes a permanent tooth needs to be extracted due to excessive damage or crowding. Wisdom tooth removal is a very common type of dental extraction that needs to be performed when wisdom teeth begin growing in incorrectly and are crowding the other teeth. Whatever kind of tooth extraction you need, our team will be happy to assist.

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