What is IV sedation used for?

IV sedation is frequently used in combination with treatments like wisdom tooth removals, dental implant placements, and other treatments that are more on the invasive side. It can also be helpful for patients with extreme dental anxiety, patients who are undergoing lengthy treatments, and patients with special needs. When a patient is put under IV sedation, they are unable to move or speak, which can make the dentist’s job much faster and easier in some cases.


Can you return to work or school after receiving IV sedation?

Patients who are put under IV sedation should not return to their normal routines for approximately 24 hours post-treatment. Instead, they should make a plan to have a friend or family member wait in our lobby for the duration of their treatment to drive them home afterward. It’s a good idea to have a few books, movies, or video games picked out to enjoy during your recovery, as well as some soft foods if you are undergoing an advanced restorative treatment.


Is IV sedation safe?

At Ascend Dental, patient safety is our number one priority. We will never recommend treatment options to patients that we do not believe will be in their best interest. While IV sedation is generally considered a safe and effective treatment option, it does come with a few additional risk factors that other types of sedation do not. Before sedation is added to your treatment plan, we will review your medical history and current health status to help determine if IV sedation is the right choice for you.

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